Pistolero is an independent film production company led by Andrew William Flores and Christina Werkmeister. Established in 2006, Pistolero produces feature films, commercials and music videos and has collected numerous awards. The company’s unique vision, careful selection of projects and devotion to quality make it stand out from the crowd and its films will straddle the coveted line between commercial and critical success. A company fast on the rise, the Pistolero brand will reflect its mantra – cool cinema – being synonymous with cutting edge commercial appeal and consistency.


Pistolero’s goal is to produce cerebral, diverse, character-driven films primarily from the drama, noir, war, action/adventure, crime and science fiction genres. Films that offer a stylistic blend of violence, tenderness, sensuality and attitude. Films that not only entertain, but also turn an unflinching eye on the vicissitudes of humankind and it’s interminable search for meaning and purpose in an often cruel and unforgiving world. Films that play upon the subjective and illusive nature of truth and the affect it has on those searching for it. Films that acknowledge black and white but are also comfortable with the idea that answers often lie within the ambiguity of grey.



PISTOLERO is currently in development for their next feature film Black Parables, a Cold War story set in 1950 about a mass murderer and political corruption that follows seasoned detectives and WWII veterans Ben Rockwood and Roy Hickock as they pursue a ruthless serial killer - a former Nazi hiding out in the US.



Black Parables

Previously, PISTOLERO produced the award-winning feature film Liar’s Pendulum. This thought-provoking and visually stunning mindbender is a follow-up to Andrew W. Flores’ short film Cinderdrift. Liar’s Pendulum screened at a number of national film festivals and received considerable acclaim.

Liar's Pendulum



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